Fresh picks from the Kingdom of eSwatini

Artists from the kingdom have continued to toil tirelessly and release the finest of music. This time around we don’t only have singles but an album and an EP, with impeccable production and song writing deserving massive airplay. Tell your friends to tell their friends about this week’s picks.

Zamo – Inhlanyelo (The Seed)

eSwatini born singer and actress is back with a wonderful eleven track album which includes the hit ‘Tinyembeti’ which was released earlier this year and a remix of the same song. The song writing is world class (with most songs written in SiSwati) accompanied by flawless production and a feature from South African R&B and Soul artist Presss.

Stickx – We need to Talk

South African based DJ and producer Stickx is back with another remarkably produced EP. We Need To Talk is a jam packed EP with amazing features and it is hard to single out the best song from this project. With features from former Idols contestant Kyle Deutsch, talented vocalist Lucille Slade and rappers J Molley and The Big Hash, the EP is probably the best EP to come out of the kingdom this year.

Apple Gule – Sink o’ Swim

Apple Gule never disappoints with his unique pop like sound. This song will surely make it to anyone pop loving persons’ playlist and has already been receiving good reviews on social media.

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Philani Dlamini Philani Dlamini born and raised in Manzini ,the kingdom of Eswatini. A firm believer that the kingdoms growing entertainment industry will reach world class status, which motivated him to start writing and promoting/unearthing some of the country's raw talent.

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