A Post Endless Daze Festival Conversation With Candice Gordon

We had a quick chat with the talented Berlin-based, Dublin-born singer-songwriter, Candice Gordon. We spoke about her Endless Daze experience, how impressed she was with the lineup and the passionate crowd.

First of all, well done on your awesome set at Endless Daze! If you could choose any band/solo act to join you on a world tour, who would it be and why?
I’m thinking along the lines of “who’s funny but can also stfu when the times is right?” very important qualities on tour. I’d say Tom Waits if I’m to go big.

How would you best describe Candice Gordon in five words?
A woman of few words.

What makes Endless Daze one of the best festivals to perform at in South Africa?
I don’t know any other South African festivals to compare it to but I would say Endless Daze was an ecstatic environment, small enough to bump into the same friendly faces numerous times and feel a collective buzz around you. People were passionate, enthusiastic, and full of heart and the line-up was well curated. Clearly the crowd were real music lovers. I also really enjoyed a walk on the beach.

image of candice gordon
Photography credit: Joshua Stein

Which band did you personally enjoy the most at Endless Daze?
If I had to choose one, which is very tough because I loved so many, it would be Morena Leraba.

Where can we find you online to see your upcoming shows & to stream/ buy your music?
Everything can be found on my website: www.candicegordonmusic.com

The images used for this feature piece were taken by the very talented, Joshua Stein. Follow him on social media. He’s super rad!

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