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Cape Town based five-piece psychedelic garage punk band, Runaway Nuns, were one of the major highlights of the recently held Endless Daze Festival. We asked them a few questions about the festival, their performance at the festival and other music related questions to get to know them a bit better.

If you could choose any band to join you on a world tour, who would it be and why? 
If we’re going round the world we’d want to go with another local band like Black Lung, Retro Dizzy, The Valley or Julia Robert. But if we’re talking international it would be rad to tour with Oh Sees or Ty Segall. They’re like the godfathers of modern garage and are two of the best rock ‘n roll acts in the world for sure.

How would you best describe Runaway Nuns in five words?
Energy, groove and attitude, man!

What makes Endless Daze one of the best festivals to perform at in South Africa?
One of the big reasons why Endless Daze is such an incredible festival is that Psych Night built up a scene in the country for a few years before starting Endless Daze. So they have grown and learnt along the way, while growing a fan base (and inspiring people to start bands, which was the case for us). There is just an amazing energy at the festival, it is well run and they curate their line-ups beautifully. It’s an amazing location too, really they’ve got the full package.

image of the runaway nuns performing at the endless daze festival
The Runaway Nuns rocking out at the Endless Daze Festival 2018. Photography by Pierre Rommelaere.

Which band did you personally enjoy the most at Endless Daze?
That is a tough one! Locally I think Black Math were on fire on Friday night. Internationally, WITCH was next level. One of the most special shows I have witnessed for sure. But overall everyone was really incredible and brought their own flavour which is always nice to see.

Where can we find you online to see your upcoming shows and to stream/ buy your music?
Check us out on Facebook or Instagram to see what’s coming up. We’re also on all streaming platforms so hit us up on Spotify and Apple Music and the rest. We’re playing at Mercury on the 30th of November to support Hello Beautiful alongside The Valley. Catch us there before the end of year.

The images used for this feature piece were taken by the very talented, Pierre Rommelaere. Follow him on social media. He’s super rad!

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