A Post Endless Daze Festival Conversation With Them Fads

Cape Town based space garage rock band, Them Fads, is a creating quite a significant buzz in the Mother City and they are undoubtedly destined for bigger things in South Africa’s rock scene. With their innovative approach to garage rock and their mind-blowing live sets, they are truly a refreshing act that is breaking through in the scene. We had an opportunity to speak to them after they rocked Endless Daze 2018 two weeks ago. We spoke to band members, Heino, Kayla, Mike and Desmond, and they got to share a little bit about their experience at the festival, dream collabs and some future prospects. Check the conversation below.

First of all, big ups on an awesome Endless Daze set, the energy was epic! If you could choose any band/solo act to join you on a world tour, who would it be and why?

Heino (Bass & Vocals)Black Lips, because Jared and I could use the same bass without anyone noticing. Less equipment to worry about.

Kayla (Drums and Vocals)Babe Rainbow. Positive Vibrations.

Mike (Guitar and Backing)The Growlers.

Desmond (Guitar and Backing): My guitar speaks for itself.

How would you best describe Them Fads in five words?

Heino: Mishmash of psyched out garage punk.

Kayla: Garage surf sing-alongs.

Mike: “We try to play music”.

Desmond: My guitar speaks for itself.

image of them fads performing
Them Fads rocking out at the Endless Daze Festival. Photography by: Pierre Rommelaere

What makes Endless Daze one of the best festivals to perform at in South Africa?

Heino: It’s a great concept that caters for a niche market that is mostly overlooked by other major festivals in our country.

Kayla: Psych Night makes dreams come true.

Mike: It’s small and inclusive and, in my opinion, has one of the better yearly lineups out of the other festivals.

Desmond: My guitar speaks for itself.

Which band did you personally enjoy the most this weekend?

Heino: My outer body experience during Them Fads’ set.

Kayla: Runaway Nuns.

MikeThe Brother Moves On .Wow!

Desmond: My guitar speaks for itself.

Where can we find you online to see your upcoming shows and to stream/ buy your music?
You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

The images used for this feature piece were taken by the very talented, Pierre Rommelaere. Follow him on social media. He’s super rad!

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