A review: Sir Rizio’s Walk With Me EP

Johannesburg based indie record label, Bodikela Recordings, puts their best foot forward with their first release of 2018. A scintillating three track EP from Vaal based marvel, Sir Rizio. The EP captures the essence of the current state of South Africa’s underground deep house scene – raw, pulsating and vibrant.

The EP earned a spot on Traxsource’s Weekend Weapons as Roses was charted No. 96 for the weekend of the 12th January. Sir Rizio adequately manages to entrance the listener on a journey through his well blended and progressive sounds. Though the title track’s sharp curved climax steals the show, Warmth remains my stand out favourite and is sure to be a dance floor filler.


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Mmeli Hlanze An appreciator of all art forms especially that of music, Mmeli is a founding remember of a house music collective, The Antidotes, and co-owner of Antidote Music - an electronic music record label with a special focus on house music. Hailing from the kingdom of Swaziland, he is a convergent thinker who is passionate about Pan-Africanism. Through his interactions and experience gained within music and entertainment, Mmeli has become an avid talent spotter. Talent development and management has become a new addition in his ever-growing basket of expertise.

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