African Electronica: South African label, Suid Tronica, releases its first compilation ‘Sounds of Suid Tronica // Volume 1’

Newly launched South African label, Suid Tronica, is undoubtedly what the country needed to facilitate the growth of electronica in the country – a genre that is growing at a rapid rate in Mzansi. Founded by Matthew Fraser and Alex Leeu, the label seeks to introduce the world to afro-electronica and also shine a light on the talent that exists in the third world. Their location is not a limitation as their platform also hosts musicians, producers and singers from other countries with a focus on offering much needed difference to the global electronic music landscape.

The label puts its best foot forward with the release of their first compilation – Sounds of Suid Tronica // Volume 1. The compilation is a stellar body of work that features musical expressions from some of the best electronic music artists in South Africa and abroad. The concept of this compilation is remarkable. Conceptually, the compilation serves to provide the listener with insight into the inner workings, creative standards and mediums of expression that exist in South Africa. The compilation’s main purpose is to give the world of a piece of home as the music is deeply inspired by South African sounds. Experimental and unique textures are blended to curate a truly mind-blowing sonic experience.

The compilation can be described as a beautiful musical odyssey giving you a peephole into this scene and sonic representation of the culture and people that live on the fringes of pop culture. There are songs to chill to, dance to and work to, which makes the compilation a solid body of work that is packed with gems that will have any beat head entertained. The visual and art direction that accompanies the compilation perfectly captures and illustrates how the project sounds.

The label is tirelessly working to change the landscape of African electronic music and usher in a new era of authentic music that African music lovers can own and cherish. They are doing this by releasing music and curating events that will place pioneers behind this new wave at the forefront.

image of event artwork
On the 18th of August, Suid Tronica is hosting its second Showcase in Newton.

Stream the compilation below.

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