Amarafleur Reflects On Past Pain On Her Latest Single ‘DontLetGo’

We often see pain as an inconvenient hindrance to our general wellbeing, and don’t get me wrong pain is incredibly uncomfortable, but we miss reasons why pain visits our lives: it comes to makes us aware, to teach and to strength. Dealing with pain means that you have to lock in and do the internal work required to calm the storm that pain brings in one’s life, prompting one to be inactive in the things that they love to focus on healing. Johannesburg singer-songwriter based in Cape Town, Amarafleur, captures this experience of grappling with pain, letting go and healing as a form of freedom.

DontLetGo‘ is single and it comes after a four-year hiatus which saw Amarafleur transition fully into who she is an artist, a professional and most importantly, a black woman. While this transition was happening, serious changes in her life manifested which she had no choice but to face and this, in an odd but beautiful way, refined her artistry preparing her for the next of her journey. The song is rooted in honesty and Amarafleur presents herself as bare, vulnerable and accepting of the losses that are setups for future wins in her work, art and relationships. In the song, she speaks on struggling to let go and taking back ownership of her power in all life situations and spaces that she fills and finds herself in.

After toiling tirelessly in life, Amarafleur seems to be finding her feet, her flair and her true self by returning to her calling. The songwriting is very direct and potent, and does not go over your head as it is crafted to be understood by many and to be accessible. Aule Kil Whan is the artist behind this dream and emotion-driven beat with touch points of electronica, R&B and hip hop; allowing Amarafleur to glide gracefully with her smooth vocals.

Amarafleur breaks out of this self-imposed silence with a grand re-introduction; more refined, more textured and packed with life lessons reflected in the strength of her pen. DontLetGo is an incredible record which will undoubtedly position her as an artist to look out for in 2020.

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