Audio-visual, concept-driven art: Cape Town’s, RxSolo, releases the flower EP to illustrate the good, bad and the ugly that life brings

In last five years, the release of experimental and concept-driven music projects has increased rapidly. The typical South African music listener is quickly growing tired of seeing the same faces, the same style of music and the same ideas being pushed in the media. The new South African music listener is looking for an experience, an experience powerful enough to stretch their ears, mind and perspective. Finding artists that make left-field music is not a difficult task as these days you can simply unplug from traditional, mainstream media, and plug into what really moves your soul and what you genuinely relate to.

Cape Town born artist, RxSolo, is an artist defined not by what he has, but rather what he has to offer conceptually. As young as he is, he understands how important art is in society and with that being said, he wields his artistic power purposefully to communicate ideas that could shift culture. In the context of mainstream art or content consumption, what RxSolo does can be regarded and boxed as left-field, experimental and alternative, however what is beautiful about what he does is that he creates from a genuine, personal and honest place. He forms part of a group of new artists in South Africa that are challenging the status quo, pushing cultural boundaries and ushering a new era of consciousness. Artists like are RxSolo are not only creating and experimenting with new sounds, but they are also designing and moulding a new listener, one that is open to ideas that are beyond the norm.

image of rxsolo from flower ep short film
Still from the Flower EP by RxSolo.

To push boundaries and cut a lane out for himself, RxSolo releases the Flower EP – a musical representation of his journey through life. The EP has six songs that speak on different aspects of life, life’s struggles and joys, and death. With this EP, he shows the listener and observer that art is beautiful when it shows the good, bad and ugly side of life. The EP has a visual element to it which comes in the form of a short film. The short film touches on all the ideas and concepts that RxSolo touches on in his EP.

Be prepared to be introduced to new ideas and concepts. RxSolo prioritises an abstract, concept-driven creative direction which carries a certain amount of shock value, but the beauty within all of this is that we get an invite into his world, or at least the world he creates, and a snapshot of what goes on in his mind.

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