#BringYourFire Interviews: We Speak To Berlin Based Artist, LIZZY, Ahead of MTN Bushfire Festival

We’re literally two months away from the MTN Bushfire Festival which happens from the 24th of May to the 26th of May in the Kingdom of eSwatini. Regarded as Africa’s top festival by BBC, the 13th edition of the MTN Bushfire Festival is set to wow its attendees this year with a great lineup which includes acts such as artists, ASA, Mr. Eazi, Blinky Bill and more. This year, the festival is even more special as it is the Igoda Circuit’s first official festival circuit which will see a handful of artists tour Southern Africa — hitting eSwatini, Mozambique, South Africa and Réunion Island.

We recently caught up with the Berlin based artist, LIZZY, who is known as the human drum. Through her work, LIZZY has managed to build a unique positioning in the global music arena as well as a great offering; where she uses drumming to build sonic universes that wow audiences the world over. Rooted in her artistry is innovation and boundary-pushing and that has allowed her to foster great connections with music lovers that have an appetite for great music. Peep our conversation with her below.

You have travelled the world as a result of your work and calling in music, What is the one thing you love about performing in Africa?

One of the greatest things for me is to travel and make music in other countries. Last year, for example, I was at the SXSW in Austin, Texas. For me it is something very special to come and play in Africa. I am really happy that it worked out! The culture, the people, of course the African rhythms, the rhythm feeling and the instruments, all this I find – maybe because I am a drummer – totally interesting and I am looking forward to many exciting encounters!

What is the one thing, lesson or experience do you want people to get from your music?
Making music is fun and I am happy when we all have a great time together. want to convey that every person can do everything and should dare to cross borders. Being different is good and important. No matter where he or she comes from. Live your dream and make the impossible possible.

image of german artist - lizzy
Image credit: Timo Frank

If you weren’t in music, what do you think you would be doing right now?
A good question. I can hardly imagine a day without music. I would probably travel. Hiking and dancing with music in my head!

What keeps you inspired to make music and what are some of the challenges you continually face in your journey in music?
I live from music and that is absolutely not always easy. You need a lot of stamina, patience and endurance and you shouldn’t let it pull you down if it doesn’t go on fast or bookings don’t work. Especially as a woman drummer in the music industry I had to fight for my place. Nevertheless I love to make music with people and to create music. It is simply my form of expression of feelings. A great thing.

What are you looking forward to the most at this year’s Bushfire Festival?
I’m really excited about the vibe of the festival and look forward to meeting new people. I’m really looking forward to the other bands and musicians. It will be a unique experience and we will dance a lot!

What can Bushfire Festival attendees expect from your set this year?
I will perform with my self-developed 3D drum dress. The 3DDD has never been to Africa before so it is an absolute world premiere. With me on stage are two great female musicians on bass and guitar/saxophone. We play songs from my new album. The songs are electronic, pop, catchy, danceable. We have great visuals and maybe a guest can play on the drum dress as well. We are really looking forward to the concert! Come over!

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