#BringYourFire Interviews: We Speak To Mozambican Band, GranMah, Ahead of MTN Bushfire Festival 2019

We’re literally two months away from the MTN Bushfire Festival which happens from the 24th of May to the 26th of May in the Kingdom of eSwatini. Regarded as Africa’s top festival by BBC, the 13th edition of the MTN Bushfire Festival is set to wow its attendees this year with a great lineup which includes acts such as artists, ASA, Mr. Eazi, Blinky Bill and more. This year, the festival is even more special as it is the Igoda Circuit’s first official festival circuit which will see a handful of artists tour Southern Africa — hitting eSwatini, Mozambique, South Africa and Réunion Island.

One of the headline acts performing this year is Mozambican band, GranMah. Known for their unique take of dub and reggae music, they have taken the African music industry by storm with their unique offerings in music. We recently got a great opportunity to speak to them ahead of their MTN Bushfire Festival debut. Check it out below.

Describe your artistry music in 5 words?

Passion, love, courage, purpose and freedom. In one sentence: We do what we love.

What is the one thing, lesson or experience do you want people to get from your music?
We aspire to make feel good music. Even though life events can seem difficult to overcome, we should always aim to keep on moving, trying our best and never giving up.

If you weren’t in music, what do you think you would be doing right now?
Tough question, as most of us, do have other jobs in different fields.

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What keeps you inspired to make music and what are some of the challenges you continually face in your journey in music?
Living off of music alone is hard. At first, when you tell your family you are a musician, to them you are either crazy famous like Beyonce or they just don’t see it working out for you. These days, however, our families and friends are highly supportive. We have never given up. Once you keep on doing music and failing, the next time you do it, you fail a little less, and as we march through our career we have plenty of things to be grateful for and even more to aspire to. The motto is #WeGot2Move! Coming from an independent band, we know the true cost of making it out there and how hard it is to reach out and find opportunities. A lot of artists, in our country, have to have a ‘9 to 5’ job to sustain themselves and their families, as the income from music is not always enough. When you add the living costs to the studio time, rehearsal space, touring, printing of cds, marketing, etc. costs, it almost feels as if it is a race doomed to fail. What motivates us is our passion for what we do and the passion we receive back from our supporters. It makes us smile and move forward. All those encouraging words from them, all over the world, give us the strength to keep going.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important would you rate the importance of the Igoda circuit in the African live music space?
We believe that the Igoda circuit is a great opportunity where both artists and audiences profit. The artists get to showcase their passion and art to new audiences and people in the business, while the audiences and people in the business, get to experience new sounds, movements and perhaps find a new reason to smile. In other words, can one really rate such experiences? Discovering a new artist you love is an experience 1000 out of 10!

What can Bushfire Festival attendees expect from your set this year?
We have been attendees at Bushfire for many years and always wondered what it would be like to play at such a beautiful place with amazing vibes. One thing we cannot forget is #BringYourFire and we hope to ignite it to the max during our performance. We will bring our very best and hopefully make Mozambique proud. Our country and neighbors are going through a lot of tragedy and loss right now, after the Idai cyclone, so we hope to bring some good feelings and smiles through our music.

Follow GranMah on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and their website here.

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