Cape Town based production duo, Twice The, speaks to us about their new EP

Cape Town based production outfit, Twice The, has shaken up the electronic beats scene in South Africa, all through the strength of one single. The production duo is made up of two of the most talented producers to come out in the last three years in South Africa. Fernando and Likhona (popularly known as Seventhgaze) share a similar vision and are consistently pushing boundaries within the electronic music scene. With co-signs from seasoned vets in South Africa like Kid Fonque and DJ Raiko, the two young producers are geared up to be notable success stories in the game. We got the privilege of catching up with them via email about their upcoming EP and got to find out more about them as a production outfit. Peep the interview below.

Please tell us more about Twice The and what inspired the creation of the production duo.
We connected online after we had both released music under the same record label in late 2016 and we just started sharing music we’d been working on. After months of getting to know each other and seeing each other perform, Fernando invited me to his sessions at Red Bull Studios and we started working on our music together there.

You guys are based in Cape Town. How has your hometown responded to the style of music that you make? I mean Cape Town is known as the home of electronic music in South Africa.
We’ve only put a single out so far but the response to just that alone was amazing, we’ve played a few shows together already and people really enjoyed the sounds we were spreading which was cool to see. Certain spots in Cape Town are really open to whatever people present to them which allows us a lot more room to experiment with our sounds.

You currently have one single out now called ‘Red’. One can easily categorise the joint as Hip Hop inspired electronica. What can people expect from the EP you guys are dropping on Friday?
It can be put into a whole bunch of categories depending on how you look at it and how you interpret it but we find that it’s a look into the sounds and feelings we’re really drawn to and are sometimes too scared to explore in our solo projects. You can expect more spaced-out, melodic stuff. It’s always perfect to listen to after a crazy party or something.

You have quite a few EP launch parties lined up and some of the dates include Johannesburg. What prompted the move to push your music in the city of gold?
We need to spread the sounds far and wide and let people know what we’re up to. It’s always good to be those guys running on the ground actually making these little missions, instead of being mainly internet-based artists. There’s a lot of good people here that are also open to a lot the stuff we enjoy doing so it’s only right to show them some love too.

What do you think of the alternative music industry in South Africa? Is there progress? Are you seeing any opportunities you can take advantage of?
A lot of the people involved are starting to take ownership of their own work and are pushing everything that they’re about by themselves. Everyone’s helping themselves and the people around them. There’s nothing really to take advantage of that but it’s something we are also trying to do for ourselves so we’re standing with all the independent artists that are opening their own doors out there.

What can people expect from you guys in 2018?
More music, more art, more shows, more good parties, more memories.

 When your EP drops, where can people stream or download it?
Everywhere! From iTunes to Bandcamp to Tidal to Soundcloud.

Stream the latest single, Red, from the upcoming EP below. 

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