Cape Town’s illRow Is Authentic, Relatable & Vibrant

There is nothing more amazing than seeing an artist create from a place of familiarity; pulling directly from their surroundings and authentically reflecting themselves in the spaces they frequent. Perfectly capturing, without forcing genuineness, life as they know, see and experience it. Twenty-four year old hip hop artist, illRow, is a great example of an artist that authentically reflects his upbringing and surroundings in music; he does this using tools such as language, music and pure creativity.

Born and raised in Cape Town, illRow first burst into the local rap scene in the Mother City as high-schooler in 2012 and in true entrepreneurial fashion, he started Unite The Mic — a movement which burgeoned into a record label and publisher. With an excellent ability of depicting his observations in the world using rap as a medium, illRow has set himself apart from the rest with his unique approach.

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His latest offering which has a music video, Main Road Taxi, is a grand display of his skill where he showcases his attentive nature as he authentically and unapologetically details the life of taxi commuting in Cape Town. He uses the power of lyricism with poetic devices such as worldplay and storytelling to give the listener a clear picture of the experience. He mixes English and Afrikaans slang commonly used in Cape Town to add more weight to the song which he wrote and produced all by himself.

Watch the Main Road Taxi music video bel0w.

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