Connecting two worlds: London meets Johannesburg in an effort to make music lovers #FeelAWay

Music connects people. Music breaks down cultural boundaries and shatters any divide separating humans. A vital social glue that humans need to keep life and it’s craziness at bay. Let’s admit it, humankind is mad. It is ironic how art often humanises man, music being the one form of art that is undoubtedly leading in that regard.

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Through these connections that are formed by music, lives are changed and the world progresses. One of these special connections happened recently for us when we connected London-based movement -Dégoûtant Collective. A connection born out of genuine respect, similar interests and passion for music. We linked up with Elliot Boles, who is the founder and leader of the collective. We initially hit him up to take part in our campaign called #FeelAWay which has been strategically floating around the internet. We started the campaign off with Johannesburg-based DJ, photographer and videographer IRV BLAMES JAKE, and we thought that Elliot would be a great addition to the campaign because of the immense amount of respect our team has for him. The whole mission soon grew into a collaboration of two rising movements in different music market that far surpassed a temporary campaign.

We look forward to working more with Dégoûtant Collective in future and connecting Africa to Europe.

Stream our collaboration with the Dégoûtant Collective here:

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