Deep, underground sounds of the Cap City: Jay Dee SA captivates with his latest EP release

Pretoria-based producer and Never Neverland Records label head, Jay Dee SA, is one of helluva contributor to the growth of electronic music in Africa. Operating primarily within the umbrella of deep house, he crafts music that stretches the music lover’s ear by not sticking to conventional practices used to create electronic music. Shying away from traditional and rigid creative processes is a go-to move for him, and to be quite honest, it’s undoubtedly one of his unique selling points as a producer.

Jay Dee SA is innately an experimentalist who is influenced by acts such as Detroit Swindle, Alvaro Hylander, Milton Jackson and David August, who all possess an inimitable production style. An independent soldier for the culture, he moves with purpose, direction and a vision to improve the standard of House music in South Africa. He has released three projects under his own label, and he has released a new three-track project called the Prohibition EP. The EP was through King Six Recordings, a small independent record label founded by the talented Wade Deep. The project is electrifying, sounds international and mastered very well. The EP maintains a consistent BPM with a smooth transition from track to track, all living under one constant theme. The standout track of the project is ‘To The Beat’, a song that has captivated deep House music lovers in Pretoria.

Stream the Prohibition EP below.

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