Diamond Thug heals our souls with ‘Tell Me’

High flying Cape Town based dream-pop band, Diamond Thug have been really busy lately. After the global success of their 12 track debut album from late 2018, Apastron, they have returned with a fantastic new single called ‘Tell Me’.

Diamond Thug are Chantel Van T (vocals and synth), Danilo Queiros (bass and synth), Adrian Culhane (vocals, guitar and synth) and Ted Buxton (drums). The band show us their incredible skill set on ‘Tell Me’. The world class sound, inspiring lyrics and beautiful vocals instantly puts your mind in a better place.

‘’Tell me my friend, what’s life in your head, oh tell me my friend.’’

‘Tell Me’ is executed flawlessly and this track is bound to be a hit when Diamond Thug perform it on their upcoming European tour.

Diamond Thug say that the new track ‘Tell Me’ is “an empathetic song which touches on dealing with the acceptance, how suffering is a shared experience of all of life, albeit to differing degrees. Through our suffering, we are healed and can offer our healing to others in the form of sharing experiences.”

Tell Me is the first release of a three-part series about Diamond Thug’s much anticipated EP called Gaiafy, which will be released on the 24th May.

Stream ‘Tell Me’ and keep an eye out for Part II of this series set to drop in mid-May when the next single ‘Aphotic Waters’ will be released. Find out more here.


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