Digital Digger’s Choice: Jazzsoon keeps cassette tape culture alive with his new project

Creatives are a rather odd bunch – characterized by unpredictability, spontaneity and a quirkiness that often details a childlike innocence. What would the world be without creatives? Dull and boring. Dull and boring is what the world would be. Creatives provide a different palette of colors that beautify human existence and we all know how human existence can a roaring beast that brings more pain than peace to the earth.

After a very rigorous and fun session of digging all the internet corners that we dig from, we came across a creative based out in New York called Jazzsoon – a collector of music in the form of vinyl and cassette, a collector of vintage Hip Hop/street fashion and a collector of comic books he grew up reading. It is rather an odd joke that our artist/creative selection for the return of #DigitalDiggersChoice is a die-hard collector of all things analogue and tangible.

Jazzsoon is a typical New Yorker – the accent, the fashion sense, the humor and the personality. A producer who releases mostly jazz-influenced instrumentals which he releases digitally and on cassette. If you haven’t noticed, cassette tape culture is on a surge – a rise that is genuine and owned by the creatives.

“You got to live your life on the weekend, you know what I am saying. Steak and shrimp on the weekends”, a quote that stands out in the video provided above, which goes to display the carefree-nature that Jazzsoon projects. Now take that personality and charisma, and bottle it up into music. Jazzsoon has released three projects through strictlycassette(make this a link), namely Beastie Brown, Taxi and his most recent release ’84 Doctor K. ’84 Doctor K is a musical representation of his love for the New York Mets and on this particular project he pays homage, sonically, to one of the greatest baseball players to ever live – Dwight Gooden aka Doctor K. Music and sports has always had a way to influence each other in popular culture and this project is a perfect example of the influence sports has on music and vice versa.

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