DJ inviZAble moves XiFi to XiFi RMXD by enlisting producers to add a Mzansi & French flair

Described as a master of staging guerrilla performances with a unique image which carries an evident mystique and penchant for providing avenues of innovation in music, DJ inviZAble captures the spirit Africa’s pulse. A celebrated performer who is known for his innovative approach to electronic dance music and the art of dance.

In October, DJ inviZAble released XiFi, a twelve-track project that featured great local and international acts like BCUC, Yolanda Fyrus and legendary vocalist and performer, Dubmasta China. The project sees DJ inviZAble cement and drive the theme of XiFi music, a new blend of electronic music that is rooted in the celebration and appreciation of African creativity, culture and people.

To drive concept of XiFi music even further, he called on the expertise of talented artists from Mzansi to Paris, connecting Africa and Europe, in a fresh way. For this, a collaboration with Bae Electronica, a budding independent label founded by Jackie Queens, made sense to take the body of work to the next level – adding the local Mzansi house-influenced flavor. To achieve this, Bae Electronica enlisted Cornelius SA, Argento Dust and Thandi Draai to curate a feeling that can live in XiFi music world whilst simultaneously showcasing the sounds of Bae Electronica. Zain Wolf, Fosta, Deep Aztec, Matthew Loots, RMBO and Lazy Flow are the other producers called up for this remix project, and boy do they show and show out in their production perfect. Each producer brought their own signature sound to the fore, adding a little bit of themselves whilst still working from the framework and concept of the original project, XiFi.

xifi rmxd cover art
Image supplied. XiFi RMXD cover artwork.

XiFi RMXD is an exploration of sound and it serves a forecast of some sort, allowing listeners to experience sounds of the future. The project does not only have bangers perfect for the South African festive season, but it also sets a new standard and precedent for electronic dance music in Mzansi. Bump this and revel its beautiful sonic textures. You will not be disappointed!

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