Endless Daze Festival Interviews: Our five questions with Julia Robert

Julia Robert is a breakout four-piece band from Cape Town. They are fast becoming a go-to act for all things progressive and groundbreaking when speaking of South African rock music. With Joao Luis Lanca Henriques, Ines Soutschka, Stara Bakrush and Roderick Hugh Alexander MacLeod as band members, the band has curated a very fun, open and creative aesthetic which accompanies their musical offerings.

We spoke to the exciting band ahead of their performance at the Endless Daze Festival happening this weekend. Check our conversation with them below.

Describe what you do and your artistry in five words.
Glitter. Romance. Punk. Loud. Fast.

What is the one thing, lesson or experience do you want people to get from your music?
It’s our hope that when people listen to our music, or come to our live shows, or see our stupid Instagram stories that they are filled with the feeling that “Hey, I’m ok even though life is pretty messed up at times”. In a way we just want peeps to get right with themselves. Everyone needs to know they can follow their own heartsicles and don’t have to replicate things they’ve seen elsewhere. You know? Let’s all just be weird; it’s good. And look, we’re not going to achieve this by gently whispering words of encouragement into people’s ears, we’re not a shoulder to cry on, fuck that. No, we want to be the shoulder you hold on to in the middle of a heaving dance floor as you and everyone around you sweats out all the bad juju that modern life can fill you with sometimes.

What is the one thing you love about performing for South Africans?
The positivity and willingness to get super energetic on the dancefloor. In the last few years people all over South Africa have really opened up to the strange and odd; this is the best thing that could have happened for bands like us and the musical community in general. Going to live shows now is always a treat, whereas before, like ten years ago or so, the live music scene was full of people standing around looking sad because they thought that was the cool thing to do. Now we’re all happy to get weird and everybody is way happier and more wild.

You are performing at the Endless Daze Festival. What can we expect from your performance?
It’s going to be a very loud statement of intent from Julia. We’re planning to blow the figurative roof of the festival. We plan to be solar flare of unfiltered oddness that will be injected straight into everyone’s hearts. Or you know, something like that. The great thing about ED is that there are loads of people that haven’t seen us live, so this is the perfect opportunity for us to bring our new music to new ears. So the set itself is going to be a collection of high energy bangers we’ve written in the last 12 months and we’re going to play them until the stage hands tear us off that stage. Oh lord, and our outifts ha! We’re going to have great hair, let’s leave it at that for meow.

Where can people follow and support you online?
You can follow us on Spotify.
You can creep us on Instagram: @juliarobertband.
You can find us on Facebook.
We’re on Bandcamp.
And for those who like things free, SoundCloud.
Also, you can buy our vinyl (and support other rad local music) on Now Now Just Now, find the link here.

image of endless daze festival lineup
Catch Julia Robert rocking out on the Vans stage at 13:00 on the 3rd of November. Get your tickets here.

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