Endless Daze Festival Interviews: Our five questions with Medicine Boy

Medicine Boy  is an incredibly unique Berlin-based musical duo from South Africa. Founded by Lucy Kruger and Andre Leo, the duo has developed a fresh sound which they call dream noise pop and with that very sound, they are taking over the world of alternative music. Armed with a unique, DIY artistic approach, Medicine Boy has been winning fans the world over and it comes as no surprise that the duo is now based in one of the most artist-friendly cities in the world – Berlin.

Earlier this year, Medicine Boy signed with Fuzz Club Records – an independent label based in London. This move is perfectly timed and will definitely allow the duo to spread its wings in the international arena.

We got a chance to chop it up with them ahead of their performance at the Endless Daze Festival happening this weekend. Check our conversation with them below. 

Describe what you do and your artistry in five words.
We make a noise, lovingly.

What is the one thing, lesson or experience do you want people to get from your music?
Some sort of feeling or physical response. However small or strange. To breathe a little deeper. Or faster. Or to slow right down. For some shift to take place in the internal, routine rhythm – sometimes soothing and sometimes perhaps a little uncomfortable.

What is the one thing you love about performing for South Africans?
Those that connect to our music in SA are kind and appreciative and it is very meaningful to us. I suppose our audience has grown slowly and we have some listeners who have been there from the beginning. It is lovely to share performances with them, to be seen and supported as we grow. A relationship that develops.

You are performing at the Endless Daze Festival. What can we expect from your performance?
We’ve just released a new record and this will be the first time playing some of those songs live so we’re really looking forward to feeling that out. We moved to Berlin some months back and so it will also be the first time in a while we’ll be on stage with our long time collaborators Werner von Waltsleben and Hezron Chetty, who both feature very prominently on the new album. We can’t wait to play with them again.

Endless Daze is a very meaningful space for us so the performance always has some sense of weight. But we’re also just excited to get very loud on that big and beautiful stage against that absurdly lovely backdrop.

Where can people follow and support you online?
You can buy the record “Lower” here. Our music is available on Spotify / Apple / Bandcamp and all the usual platforms. To find out about shows and other new you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
image of endless daze festival lineup
Catch The Medicine Boy rocking out on the Vans stage at 21:30 on the 3rd of November. Get your tickets here.

Featured image was taken by Adriaan Louw.


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