Endless Daze Festival Interviews: Our five questions with Msaki

Indie afro folk artist, Msaki, is an East London born pioneer who is bringing a fresh new energy to South African live acoustic music as a performer and a composer. She has carved her own lane by being aware of her calling and staying true to herself, and that has allowed her to build special connections with music lovers locally and abroad.

As an artist, she carries versatile traits that allow her to experiment with different sounds and genres. In South Africa, she has won the hearts of many house music lovers with her collaborations with great local house acts such as Mobi Dixon, Da Capo, Prince Kaybee, Black Motion and the legendary REVOLUTION.

We got an opportunity to chop it up with her ahead of her performance at the Endless Daze Festival. Check our conversation below.

Describe what you do and your artistry in five words.
Song-catcher. Dreamer. Time traveller. Romantic. Collaborator.

What is the one thing, lesson or experience do you want people to get from your music?
I would like to believe I leave a fragrance of bravery to go to emotional fault lines and places that hurt. I hope this is accompanied by hope for true healing. It’s what the music gives me so I can only hope I can give the same thing away.

What is the one thing you love about performing for South Africans?
South Africans are expressive and generous with their emotions. They sigh, clap, sing along, exclaim, cry. It’s easy to feed off of their energy. In my two month long Euro Summer tour I noticed the audience there processed things more internally. I was surprised when all my CDs were being sold out and the warm feedback after shows because during the performance people had been dead still staring at me so I thought they were bored. South Africans have spoilt me.

You are performing at the Endless Daze Festival. What can we expect from your performance?
A mess. I am in a sonic, aesthetic and spiritual transition. I will be presenting my set as a singer-songwriter with some electronic and symphonic departures. Loads of emotional experimenting but still quite simple.

Where can people follow and support you online?
Msaki on Spotify and Facebook. msaki_za on Instagram and Twitter.


image of endless daze festival lineup
Catch The Msaki rocking out on the Velvet Morning stage at 11:10 on the 3rd of November. Get your tickets here.

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