eSwatini’s got soul: Mzwaa is a singer-songwriter inspired by all things soulful & meaningful

Born in Manzini in the Kingdom of eSwatini, Mzwaa is a singer-songwriter that has recently burst into the music scene in Southern Africa. Gifted with a way of words and beautiful vocals, he has all the right tools to break into the industry and have a lasting career.

His love for music was sparked by what his parents were fond of and naturally so, he absorbed what he heard as a kid. Genres such as jazz, soul from the Motown era and R&B were the genres that grew his affinity for music and they inevitably laid the foundation and standard for him when it came to meaningful artistic expression in music.

As much as Mzwaa had his foundation in genres that were big back in the day, like the true millennial that he is, he was captured by the more electronic sound that his generation loves. As an artist, he fell in love with House, a genre that is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most supported in Southern Africa. However, he gravitated towards the more soulful side of House music. A group was formed, and a wave began. Capturing the attention of labels in North America and having their music selected by a designer to feature in the Ottawa Fashion Week in 2012 was a testament to their capability and it was a sign for Mzwaa showing him that he was definitely on the right track.

Fast forward to a few years later after 2012, Mzwaa has emerged as a solo act that fuses his soul, R&B, funk, House and Hip Hop influences to create a sound that, firstly is new in the kingdom and secondly, is unique to him. In the first six months of 2018, he has managed to do what many artists struggle to do – build hype – in a short amount of time. With a performance in one of Africa’s best music and culture festivals, the MTN Bushfire Festival, after winning a competition, his rise in the game grew. Equipped with a strong team behind him, a great band and a couple of singles, Mzwaa is fast becoming a strong contender to shake up the urban music landscape in Southern Africa.

image of mzwaa performing with his band 'the natural selection'
Mzwaa performing with his band ‘The Natural Selection’.

His recently released single, ‘I Got It’, is one of his first strikes. Gaining over 2 thousand streams in less than two weeks proved his importance in the music game as he’s filling a void and creating a unique lane for himself. The songwriting on the song is world-class and the quality of the whole composition could fare well in the international arena. Mzwaa is a star in the making and he has all the right tools to have a run in the music industry that could truly be impactful

Stream I Got It below.

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