[EVENT]: Antidote Music Presents ‘Tomorrow’

One of the kingdom of eSwatini’s top record label, Antidote Music, is pushing for widespread music industry growth for the small Southern African nation. Over the last seven years, they have contributed immensely to the Swazi music industry, unearthing talent that has went to achieve great success in the international music space. To further expand their offerings, they redirect their focus to include an educational and skills development angle to their work, and they aim to do this by organizing workshops with a focus on offering mentorship, brand development and the landscape of music industry in the digital era to young people in the kingdom. This move is designed to ensure that young artists equip themselves with enough knowledge so they can build successful careers in an industry that is well-known for being tough for many.

The workshop is called Tomorrow and it is happening this weekend on the 20th of July at the Endibanweni, Mbabane Library. The theme of the workshop is “An Introduction to the Digital Music Age” and it promises to be insightful, impactful and packed with value.

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RSVP for this incredible event and initiative here. Alternatively, you can RSVP by sending an email here: info@antidotemusic.net

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