Fall in love with EMERGER’s cinematic & worldly interpretation of modern pop

EMERGER is a South African pop duo that is effortlessly shifting the local pop landscape with its dreamy, cinematic and worldly take on modern pop. Formed by Emma de Goede, who is tasked with handling the vocals and the piano, and Gerrit Matthee, who is a multi-instrumentalist and the duo’s producer, who are both alumni of the University of Cape Town’s South African College of Music. Armed with an innate talent of music and formal tertiary training, these two artists form a formidable group that South Africa has ever seen.

Sonically, the duo holds its own and displays its expert musical craftsmanship with each track they compose. This is particularly seen in their mini-album, Bloom, which was released in May this year. Bloom is an eight track sonic journey into synth heaven, spacey soundscapes and present modern pop sound design. Masterful in presentation, EMERGER invested their talent and their unabridged showcase of skill, to curate a truly modern, quality and refreshing mini-album. Emma is confident in her performance, delivering her vocals with class and elegance, brilliantly weaving and connecting words to elevate her presence in the songs.

Bloom is a strong debut for the duo and an effort that gifts them a place in the international pop music arena as groundbreaking new comers. Hindsight and Break & Fall are the two stand out tracks from Bloom, each standing their own as strong singles that show the duo’s capability. All in all, EMERGER rises up to the occasion with their mini-album and they hook you with their well produced music and further captivate you with their aesthetic and visual presentation.

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