February Recap: Top Southern African House Music Tracks Released In The Month of Love

The month of love has come and gone but the love of house still carries on. That might just be the corniest intro I’ve ever done but it isn’t far from the truth. My monthly house picks will be a regular feature throughout the year as I seek to give Southern African house music (hopefully Africa, as a whole, before the end of the year) more coverage and assist house music lovers to discover their future favorite jams with more ease. Many thanks to everyone that read last month’s feature article, which you can check out here and of course your valued feedback. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Cornelius SA Feat. Jackie Queens – Feel It Now (Kususa Remix)
Label: Get Physical Music

image of Cornelius & Jackie Queens - Feel It Now (Remix) Get Physical
Cornelius SA Feat. Jackie Queens – Feel It Now Artwork

Many of you might recognise Feel It Now from Bae Electronica’s release last year but it seems the release has since been licensed to Berlin-based powerhouse, Get Physical Music. My pick on this EP has to be the Kususa Remix, partially because I have heard both the Original Mix and Cornelius Remix. It’s a beautiful blend of electronica and afro house with a hypnotic bass. Upon its release Feel It Now (Kususa Remix) has been featured on Beatport’s Best New Afro House: February and Secret Weapons: Afro House charts. Without a doubt, this release deserves a place on every music lover’s playlist.

Zulumafia – Darkest Day (Long Journey Mix)
Label: ZuluMafia Digital

image of Darkest Day by ZuluMafia
Artwork of Darkest Day (Including remixes) by ZuluMafia.

For some odd reason Zulumafia’s artistic quality easily goes unnoticed yet he’s one of the most talented and consisted soulful house producers Mzansi has to offer. Taken off the Darkest Day Remixes EP, the Long Journey Mix is synonymous with Mzansi’s soulful house golden era of yesteryears. Perfect for those rainy days and sundowners sets, this jam was featured on Traxsource’s Soulful Essentials on its first week of release. The Broken Neo-Soul Mix is also a beauty, smooth and mellow. This EP has some great tunes for winding down but don’t take my word, give it a listen.

DarqKnight feat. Lungi Mandebele – My Dream
Label: Arawakan Records

image of My Dream by DarQKnight Feat. Lungi Mandebele
Artwork of My Dream by DarQKnight Feat. Lungi Mandebele

Listening to Lungi Mandebele’s lyrics I’m pleasantly transfixed as she shares how the pursuit of her dreams has, or will, take her to places she has never been before, of how the relentless quest will result in the realisation of her dreams. That, coupled with DarQKnight’s smooth groovy instrumental, is enough to have me sold. I have had this on repeat since I first came across it. My Dream was charted on Traxsource’s Afro House Essentials, Weekend Weapons and Hype Chart all on the first week of release. At the time of compiling this featured it was charted at No. 11 on Traxsource’s Afro House Top 100. Do yourself a favour and get on this real quick.

Dwson feat. Sio – Nobody Else
Publisher: Ashwin Julies

image of glimpses of you ep
Artwork of Glimpses Of You EP.

Once again Dwson and Sio display their almost perfect synergy through Nobody Else. Sio ‘s enchanting voice and Dwson’s signature deep house sounds go together like peanut butter and jam. The EP as a whole is a refreshing perspective on Dwson’s music. He went onto uncharted ground working with lead singer of rock-femme duo Hyroine, Roxy Caroline, as well as future folk genius, Dumama, well-known for experimental live shows. And overrall I love how Dwson is putting our more vocal projects, one of the few electronic music producers, deep house especially, to do so. Really looking forward to hearing more of Dwson this year but as I wait, Nobody Else is on repeat.

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