First Listen Review: Neo Beats paints a picture of his life & Soweto with his new 13 track offering

Johannesburg based rapper, Neo Beats, recently dropped ‘The South West Story‘ – a thirteen track authentically South African Hip Hop album. The project boasts features from well respected MCs in South Africa such as Neon (from the Federation), Shynin Armour, Froz and Reason. With many of rappers hailing from Soweto, there is no doubt that the project carries celebrates Soweto – where Neo Beats is from. Each song paints a picture of his life, Soweto and its people, and the various factors that impact the lives of black youth in South Africa. As much as the theme of the project may be centered around Soweto, the project is structured in a way that would allow any music lover or rap fan to relate and empathise.

The project has celebratory songs and hardcore bar-filled rap songs which stay true to the traditional standards of Hip Hop. The soundscape of the project is balanced, with songs that have a nostalgic feel and songs that sound more modern. The South West Story is a dope effort from Neo Beats which has a lot of replay value.

Stand out tracks: Party People, Eleven Over Ten & The Awakening.

Stream the project on Spotify here:

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