Francesca Biancoli: On being an artistic medium for self-awareness, human vulnerability & unrestricted emotion lessons

When you come across an artist that creates art that makes you reach deep into the core of your being, a special connection-driven space for them is created in your heart as what they create helps you navigate this thing called life. For what it is worth, artists armed with their artistry are mediums through which we derive lessons of self-discovery, identity, love, spirituality, love, struggle and more; and allowing us to make sense of our existence. That is the power vested in the artist and oh what a glorious gift it is! The beauty of it all is how artists, as much as they feed off of and are inspired by the human experience, can impressively step out of the human experience to come into their own as observers that offer us commentary on ourselves and the mystery of life. Every time an artist digs deep in attempt to explain their most beautiful, darkest and sometimes most confusing emotions, they build a special connection with the consumers of their art.

Bari, Italy, born musician, Francesca Biancoli, is an exceptional example of an artist that prioritizes the lessons of self-awareness, the beauty of multiculturalism, life and spirituality in their music. Now based in Cape Town, she has cemented her presence in the international music arena as a pioneering creative force hellbent on offering new ways of expression; armed with nothing a great voice, incredible guitar skills and an awe-inspiring creative mind, through which she connects with her audience in the flesh, in the spirit and emotionally. Honest in her expression, she revels in her truths and by doing so, creates easy pathways for people to relate and connect to her.

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Her multicultural upbringing in Bari; where she was surrounded by Greek, Turkish and Arabic influences, and her residence in South Africa’s mother city, has afforded her perspective and experiences that influence her artistry – a gift that has undoubtedly shaped her as an artist.

On her latest record titled Hunted; the singer-songwriter unpacks the experiences of women, those are external and those that are internal, to shine a light on them and rightfully place them in the center of important discourse in the world – and what better way should such discourse be delivered than in song. Hunted serves as a beautiful celebratory ode of mother earth whilst also highlighting the brutal treatment that women and nature have to go through. “Nobody teaches you to be a child, nobody teaches you shows you how to be a mother. Time teaches us everything, but every means nothing when we are being hunted” she says when describing the song. Her performance on the song sees her warm vocal delivery marry the sounds that her hands produced when strumming her guitar. Exceptional song packed with many gems in the form of lessons delivered in a world class artistic manner.

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