Fresh Picks From The Kingdom of Eswatini

We are back with another beautiful playlist full of amazing music. This is one of the most diverse playlists we have ever compiled. As the pulse of the culture, we are determined to put out all the good music from the kingdom. Indulge yourselves in the wide range of genres in this playlist and make sure you share it with your friends.

Delisa Maverick Dlamini – The Pseudonym
The Pseudonym is a well put together project from Delisa and it places him as a bright star with a bright future in the music game. With an impeccable breath-control, he delivers his raps with ease and great audibility. Production-wise, the project may not be the best but with great mentorship, hard work and consistency, he will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with.

You can also download the project here.

Slotta – Sweet Temptations (The Remixes)
After listening to these exception Sweet Temptations remixes, I was left speechless! I would have never imagined that he would top the original Sweet Temptations EP, but little did I know that he was going to do just that. Slotta is a beast and this new release on Deeper Shades of House is nothing short of amazing. Please cop EP and you’ll thank me later.

Lyrikal Busta – Vuli Sekele
Lyrikial Busta is, without a doubt, the hardest working rapper in the kingdom. Forever releasing hit after hit and high quality videos. He is back with another certified hit produced by the amazing M. Seth and Sibz on the guitar.

You can also download the project here.

Lution (Psycholution) – The College LP
In my opinion, this is the BEST hip hop release to come out of the kingdom of eSwatini this year. Lution is back with some major heat here, proving once again why he has always been considered as the best rapper in the kingdom. From production to delivery, everything is immaculate and of international standards. Thank you Lution for showing these kids how it’s done. The College LP is designed to spark self-confidence and drive toward goals and ambitions as a student of the education system and most importantly a student of life.

Paige – Day ones (freestyle) & Night shift
After a lengthy hiatus Paige is back with a freestyle just to give you a taste of what is yet to come. I am super amped about his upcoming releases because this kid never disappoints and always brings the heat. Dope freestyle but I feel like he was holding back a bit, but overall it is dope. Nightshift was released after the freestyle and he did his best. Dope joint overall, super happy that he is back.

Rosé – Replay
If you’ve listened to her old music you can notice the tremendous improvement and maturity in her new sound. Beautiful song, one I urge you to add to your playlist ASAP! Her voice is a breath of fresh air accompanied by the amazing Wordsmith Felix on production. “Replay is about reliving an old love story but not really staying for the whole relationship package” she says.

Ghetto Villah – Phumula Ngwane
The king of eSwatini kasi rap always makes sure he never disappoints. I’m slowly becoming a fan because of his consistency and hard work. Dedicated to all those that take care of the elderly. Ghetto Villah was inspired by the magnitude of how Phumula Ngwane is helping the elderly who have now become caretakers of their grandchildren because their sons and daughters have passed on due to HIV/AIDS.

HumidSky – Numb
Numb is so soothing and well crafted. Remedy did the things with production and HumidSky just perfected it with his voice. Beautiful release! Something out of the ordinary – just what the country needs. This is definitely his best work so far and the future looks very bright. Major shoutout to Remedy for the production.

You can also download the project here.

Subxero & Jimmy Carter – HBK
The future of eSwatini’s music industry is in good hands. Beautiful release from this duo and I hope to hear more music from them because they are yet to mature. This is another must have in your playlist.

Teach Me How To Boogie  – Episode 001 by Groove Doketela & Macdeep
I personally think eSwatini has the best DJs in Southern Africa. If you don’t believe me just checkout these two mixes which will leave you speechless. I am looking forward to the next mixes.

Stickx – Fully In Remix (AKA)
Stickx is one of the best Swati artists based in the diaspora. This guy is just amazing! Listen to his latest offering and you’ll understand why I say that. He is always exceptional and gives his best. Major respect to this him and I just hope the kingdom starts to realize that he is a gem.

97 Teej – Codeine Plug ft Hotboynino
Watch out for 97 Teej. She’s bringing some fire into the game. This song will definitely be part of your playlist and you’ll be jamming to it for days to come. Big ups to her! Everything on this joint is just on point and looking forward to hearing more of her work.

Cypr – Ubumnandi ft Trippy King & Chei
Honestly I doubted the song when I saw the artwork but hey, as cliche as it may be but don’t judge a book by its cover. This is a actually a dope jam, nothing too fancy. The beat is amazing and hook is catchy and easy vibe too. This is a song for the summer, I just hope they promote it enough. It’s a really catchy song and you’ll find yourself vibing to it. Big ups to everyone involved in the song.

Yung Boss – Love Me Now
Love Me Now is an zmazing song with a different sound with fairly good delivery. Yung Boss could have murdered it but he chose to go easy on it went easy on it – well that’s my opinion. A-Reece kinda joint, all in all it’s a dope song but he could have gone really heavy on the verses. The song had the potential to be the best song on the list.

Cnx Boi- Wave Lord EP
Firstly big ups to whoever designed the album art, the design is just too dope. The EP is cool, nothing exceptional but a jammable EP  maybe if you listen to it a couple of times. Production and delivery on some of the songs is actually pretty dope but overall I’m not blown away. Cop it though because you may vibe to it.

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