Get To Know Lord Bae: One of The Vaal’s Most Promising Rap Artists

It is without doubt that the Vaal is filled with young talented creatives who contribute immensely to South Africa’s creative industry. From music to fashion and other forms of art and creativity, the Vaal is a goldmine of talent. In the music realm, hip hop to be specific, the Vaal is a region that is highly respected with legendary rap artists such as Mothipa and Optical Illusion, the region has never lacked gifted MCs. In this new age that we are currently in, there are quite a few rappers from the Vaal that are pushing to change the status quo. Sebokeng born and bred rapper, Lord Bae, is one such rapper as he is hellbent on raising the standards of  hip hop in the Vaal. We recently caught up with him to get to know him more. Peep our conversation below. 

What is the origin of the name Lord Bae?
[Laughs], my ex girlfriend actually gave me that name. So one time, she and I were at a party in the hood. At that time things weren’t going great between her and I, so us going there was actually so we could have a great time together. During the party, she observed all the attention I was getting from other girls and started complaining that most of those girls were giving me attention instead of leaving us alone. She started getting annoyed at me and complained that it’s like I’m their god. Then she started calling me Lord Bae. After that all my friends caught up and everyone started calling me Lord Bae.

Are there any specific cultures you would say you derive your musical inspiration from?
I’m a big fan of authenticity and expressing where I come from, so yes, I would say African music, like your Wiz Kid’s and Davido’s. I basically mix afro pop with hip hop. I’m very musical in that sense.

Who has been your biggest inspiration and influence to your music?
Michael Jackson has always been my biggest inspiration since I was in grade 2. His style and attention to detail when he performed pushed and inspired me to do the same when I perform and when I’m in studio.

Could you briefly describe your rap process and how your music has evolved since you first started rapping?
Firstly, shout out to my producer, Cubin. I honestly feel that he is to me what 40 is to Drake. I write music depending on how I feel on the day before even going to the studio. For example, if what I wrote is a hype track, I’d ask Cubin to play me some hype beats, if I wrote something deep or motivational, I’d ask him to play me something not too “loud” so that people can hear the messages I want to share. I’m a big fan of motivational music, which is very evident in my latest EP, The Catalog.

What do you feel is unknown to the general public about the music industry and culture of the Vaal which is on the come up right now? What do you want to make people aware of in relation to the spaces you are moving in? 
Firstly, allow me to take my hat off to the music scene in the Vaal. We have very talented people this side which are bubbling under and are about the blow people’s minds. The music scene in the Vaal hasn’t really peaked that much but it is really trying to push the ceiling. What I genuinely like about it is that artists are really trying to push their own movements and not trying to do what the rest of the world is doing. I’m just saying people should explore more spaces and express who they really are and what they think people want to hear. This is why I always try my best to be different at all cost, which I feel has benefitted me a lot.

Many artists perform different rituals before their performances, is this something you can relate to? If so, what is it and how does it help you prepare for your set?
My team and I always pray before getting on stage. We are big believers of God’s guidance. I feel unstoppable after praying. It’s like an alter ego and God takes over everything. AMEN! [Laughs].

What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far with the progression of your career?
In the very beginning, a lot of doors didn’t want to open up for me, mainly because people didn’t know who Lord Bae was, so I had to prove myself and force myself in the game. My music spoke for me most of the time though. People need to realize that everything you do needs effort. You won’t get anywhere by sitting on your couch and not going out there and introducing yourself to the people. I’ve never been scared to walk up to people and gave them my music, which in turn ended up in the right hands that could assist me with moving forward. So hustle, hustle, and hustle is by far helping me overcome all things people would call problems or challenges.

What are your fondest musical memories growing up and how have they influenced your rap? Whether it be in your house or in your neighbourhood?
I’ve always been a Michael Jackson fan, so I’d always emulate his moves and perform for my family growing up. This boosted my confidence on and off stage from a very tender age, as confidence which plays a huge role in the industry we are in.

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What drew you to this industry? If you could bring awareness and change to within the industry, what would it be?
I saw how people reacted when Michael Jackson got on stage. Them being so happy and emotional made me want to get on stage too. Everyone that knows me knows that I love peace and happiness around me, so the thought that I too could also make people happy at shows made me want to get on stage and make music. What I would change in the music industry, especially in SA, would be collaboration. We don’t collaborate enough because people are too guarding of their successes, not realizing that collaboration would bring us more success and exposure. Look at Nigeria, those people collaborate so much, leading to the success they are experiencing now. Oh and female artists should be given the same respect that male artists get.

What can we look forward to from you in the following upcoming months?
I will be releasing music videos during the remainder of this year, starting with a video for “Comfort Zone” which we will be shooting on the 10th August so keep an eye on my socials for more details on that. Oh, not forgetting as well as some more music from myself.

Stream Lord Bae latest offering, The Catalog, below:

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