Gnarghoul Raps: Enter the dynamic creative world of Pretoria-born rapper, DI$CO

Many may argue and say that South African Hip Hop has grown out of its infancy stage and is fast producing talent that can stand their own in the global arena; in impact, skill level and although this may seem as a stretch, in sales as well. The beauty of the South African Hip Hop scene is the variety, from the hardcore gritty underground where a rapper’s affinity to unleash thunderous and mind-boggling bars is viewed as a badge of honour, to the more mass appreciated sing-songy mainstream scene which equally has talented artists which have a cross-over mass appeal, the scene has blossomed into an industry that contributes immensely to South African culture, entertainment and creativity.

South Africa is a diverse country hence the diversity that South African Hip Hop carries, and you know what they say – art imitates life. Now within all of this diversity, you have acts that are primarily left-leaning and out-of-the-ordinary. You’ll barely hear them on traditional media platforms such as radio and TV, but they have, through the strength of their art, amassed large followings online and offline, locally and internationally. Pretoria-born rapper, DI$CO, is an example of such an act, a rap cat born out of the once thriving and cutthroat Cap City Rap City era of Pretoria Hip Hop. In his eleven years of rapping for sport and more importantly as a profession, he has offered up his artistry to show that South African Hip Hop can look, feel and move different. As one of the primary members of celebrated left-field acts in the country, such as PHFAT, Sedge Warbler and Oh! Dark Arrow.

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Now with a career as storied and lengthy as his, he has gone through a few evolutions as an and person, and at some point, he took a short sabbatical which he emerged as DI$CO, a rapper that fits into no box, more experimental and incredibly dangerous with the pen. His debut project as DI$CO, $PELLZ, received much acclaim from critics and set the tone for what his new brand was to offer to his fans who were dying to get more music from him.

Towards the end of 2018, he released the extended version of $PELLZ and started releasing the visuals for the most loved singles from the project. Songs like 13wolf and Killer By Design, produced by frequent collaborator and former PHFAT group member Narch , got the visual treatment.

For 2019, DI$CO has set his sights on pushing his brand to greater heights, with a South African tour planned and a promise to release more music – his fans are in for a treat.

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