He, Who Brings Vinyl With Love: Michael G. is a purveyor & pioneer of South African dance music culture

Dance music in South Africa is an unavoidable force; connecting people across racial, cultural and class lines, allowing them to set socio-economical and socio-political issues/problems aside, in favour of dance, special moments and uninterrupted bliss. Woven into the fabric of the South African society; dance music has, in many ways, always been changing, travelling and progressing at same pace as the country’s youth culture – manifesting as a familiar fixture in the state-of-the-youth conversations and activities.

Dance music has served as South Africa’s amplifier and enforcer of good times and, in the same breath, somewhat of an anesthesia of pain presented by the bad times. In dance music, you are awarded the opportunity to get a sense of where South Africa is; it is all in the music, from the hard-hitting songs laden with conscious content to the easy-going, ‘let’s have a nice time and forget about all our problems’ type of songs. But for the music to be such a brilliant driver of culture, ideas and schools of thought, there has to be individuals blessed with the honor of feeding the nation with the music – the DJs. Many may argue that in South Africa DJs, when speaking of culture and impact, are far more influential than business people, politicians and scholars, because for them to be genuinely loved and appreciated by the masses, the work of their hands as DJ has to approved by the people. In the DJ realm of entertainment, you cannot but influence, respect and credibility; and that is the reason why DJs are so impactful in South Africa. With dance floors as their offices, they share their deep passion for music with people, break records to the masses which directly uplifts the creators of music and effortlessly connect people using music as a social glue. Now that’s special and it speaks to their importance in the economic and cultural spheres of the greater entertainment game.

One of the biggest music genres in South Africa is House music and like kwaito, the genre rose to its prominence from the late 80s to the early 90s, and was spearheaded by a youth that needed something to champion, to promote as their own and to express themselves. Many youths took the genre and spread it across the country and many of the people we regards as legends and pioneers of dance music in Mzansi, were these fearless youths that changed the landscape of entertainment forever. Legends like Pretoria born and raised dance music practitioner, Michael G., first came out into the scene in the early 90s as passion-driven tastemakers that took house music to the masses. Moving from city to city, town to town and nightclub to nightclub, shared his deep love and passion for music as a young DJ, earning a name for himself as a respected dance music specialist that broke new, fresh and powerful records in the country. Through his relentless push and the foundation he had set for himself, he fast became a trusted source for all things house music and that led to him to releasing some of the first majorly successful compilation brands to come out of South Africa, such as Flipside House Vol 1, My House Is Your House and Mi Casa e Su Casa. This further cemented him as skilled music man with an ear for great tracks that many could envy.

As time progressed, Michael G. continued to solidify his name in the South African dance music scene and in the mid 2000s, he linked up with his younger cousin, Jullian Gomes, to form SAMA nominated deep house outfit – the G. Family. During this time in his career, he dabbled quite extensively in production, releasing amazing tracks and remixes that further grew his influence. Having been in the music industry for over two decades, Michael G. shows no signs of stopping what he loves as it has allowed him to travel, meet different type of like-minded people and connect people without any barriers of privilege, race, culture or class. That’s special!

With his ‘Vinyl With Love’ podcast, he shares some of rarest, deepest and most exclusives joints that he finds as he digs and searches for music. Still pushing vinyl culture, he makes an effort to take it back to the basics, where he started and where the focus is on music and the music only. Michael G. is a bonafide pioneer who doubles as a purveyor of dance music culture who is not phased by the glamour offered by fame or trends, what he does is driven by passion and that roots him firmly in his purpose. And that is his secret for his longevity in the game; sticking to your guns, your morals, values and passions will earn you a special place in people’s hearts.

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