Ifikile iSouth African Boys Club: Transmitting Homegrown Mzansi Sounds To The World

The music scene in South Africa is in a really interesting space; with the boundary-pushing work being largely created, pushed and promoted by independent artists. In a country where traditional media is still king, these artists are forced to use shrewd methods to share their artistry with the world — from clever social media fan engagement campaigns to self-funded shows that house the fans gained through their online efforts. These efforts, backed by smart marketing and bootstrapping, all contribute to this much-needed shift in the music industry in the country; making sure that this genius, quality and innovation does not go to waste. All that matters

Pioneering, brave and exciting talent exists on the fringes of the mainstream in South Africa; carrying an unwavering urge to introduce new concepts to the South African market whilst staying true to authentically South African sonics and aesthetics. SABC, an abbreviation of South African Boys Club, is new musical outfit that embodies the ideals of independence, South African patriotism and excellence. Founded by Johannesburg based musician and multimedia designer, Thiaps, and Durban born producer and graphic designer, Trust B1; the group seeks to explore South African youth culture from an honest perspective. To achieve this, they dig deep in their culture, upbringings and inspiration; and this allows them to design a sound that is truly homegrown, honest and driven by South African nuances.

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The two multi-disciplined artists release the first single titled ‘Ke Friday’. The song invites you into their world, where they speak on a lot of they speak on their wishes, ambitions and life; offering the listener a glimpse into their life. In a rather interesting way, the two artists are able to communicate the struggles black youth in South Africa in a jolly and entertaining way with a core message that says: despite the troubles and challenges that life brings, celebrating life should not be forgotten and because of those troubles and challenges, you are given a license to celebrate. That is a powerful message delivered in a beautiful way.

The duo plans on to release a song off of their debut project every Friday which will then lead up to the official release of the full project. More music is coming and that is extremely exciting!

Stream the song below.

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