Innanetwav Floods The Streets: Nash Sable releases ‘Shmoke’ featuring Southside Mahommed

Mbombela born artist, Nash Sable, is undoubtedly one of the most exciting Hip Hop acts to come out of the province. With a rather interesting and modern approach to Hip Hop, he holds the torch of hope for MP Hip Hop, illuminating new path ways, imagining new realities and possibilities for his creative peers in his birth province. Through sheer passion and determination, his efforts have allowed him to foster solid relationships with other young like-minded individuals in South Africa’s business and creative hub, Johannesburg. One of these relationships is the one he was with the innanetwav team as an artist and a contributor to the label’s growth and success.

Nash Sable’s rise may seem to happening right now as he is breaking into the music game in Jozi, but his beginning started way earlier than that as he is the co-founder of First Class Audio, an influential and groundbreaking Hip Hop outfit from Mpumalanga that moved mountains in the region, bringing innovation and freshness to the urban music scene in the province.

Now that he has established an alliance with one of the most progressive urban music labels in Johannesburg, he has focused on consistently delivering quality bodies of work such as his Skrilla EP, which he now follows up with the releases of Shmoke – an uncompromisingly hot track which serves as a warning shot to his peers in the game. The song was produced by innanetwav in-house producer, 808x. Stream the song below

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