Innanetwav Floods The Streets: oshoku releases ftr, a beat to vibe & rock to

oshoku is a multi-faceted creative from Johannesburg who is largely instrumental in the sound and visual work for the innanetwav team. Handling and sharing the in-house music production duties with 808x whilst crafting awe-inspiring visual art pieces that perfectly express and communicate the innanetwav sound is no small feat. It goes to show his creative might and talent. He uses photography, design and music as mediums through he which he expresses his idea and as an extension of his being.

As a producer, he has built a unreplicable musical style which is characterized by modern tempos, drum patterns and textures while also drawing inspiration from pop hits from yesteryear.

artwork for ftr by oshoku
oshoku recently won a battle against cancer and while he was undergoing chemotherapy he sought refuge in his creative talents. Armed with a warrior’s spirit, he knocked beats out from his hospital bed displaying strength and the power of creativity. Beyond his creative work, he has a beautiful story of triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds.

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He releases ftr, a two-minute monster of a tune which showcases his affinity to interesting sounds and knack for crafting powerful emotion-driven beats to vibe and rock to. Stream the track below.

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