Innanetwav Floods The Streets: popsnotyourfather releases his debut single called DTF

Johannesburg based new kid on the block and UU gang artist, popsnotyourfather, is a breath of fresh air in the buzzing youth-driven urban music entertainment in the city of gold. A new entrant in the game, he puts his best foot forward with the release of his debut single entitled DTF – a song that carries a dance bounce.

The song may be short in composition, but on it, pops flows and floats with a melody-driven approach which pulls some stylistic elements from dancehall and afrobeat. Solid tune from a dope artist. Pops still has a lot to contribute to the game and we look forward to the progression.

image of popsnotyourfather
Image supplied.

The release of DTF is part of the Flood The Streets campaign that innanetwav is pushing and it sees the progressive label release music daily for a week.

Download the DJ pack here.

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