Introducing Avi Subban: Joburg-based DJ/producer reconstructing the sound & feel of South African deep house & techno

If you follow and support South African deep house, then you should know of Johannesburg based DJ/producer – Avi Subban. A young electronic music maestro that is a sought-after performer and talent with a name that, rightfully and deservedly so, warrants respect and acclaim. Having started his journey in music at the age of 15 years old, Avi has never looked back and has grown into a force to be reckoned with in the South African electronic music industry.

Avi Subban has made his presence visible in house and techno music with his unique approach and interpretations of the two genres. With hard-hitting and eclectic sound, he designs a new listening experience for the local house head. His relentless push, drive and urge to innovate has granted him co-signs from some of greats and renowned electronic music acts in South Africa like Kid Fonque and Jullian Gomes.

Avi Subban is signed to Deep Stitched Records and has also had releases through Stay True Sounds. Innovation and creativity is what you can expect from this act and he is, undoubtedly, going to change the landscape of African electronic music.

Listen to Things We Lose by Avi Subban.

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