Introducing Garden Groove: A new exciting label from Cape Town that is inspired by Mother Nature’s sonic energy and tranquility

Ashwin Middleway, more popularly known as Winnie Deep, is a name you cannot sleep on when it comes to the house music scene in Cape Town. A respected DJ and a young pioneer, he has earned his stripes as a soldier for the culture as his contributions to the underground House music scene are impactful. His passion runs deep, and this is seen in how he chooses to navigate the underground – poised, focused and determined. In Cape Town, to many, the mention of his name triggers memories of shows he has rocked, moments he has created and people he has influenced. A true fighter for music he believes should be accessed and heard by more people.

After spending a considerable amount of time contributing to the culture as a performer and supporter of the underground, Winnie Deep has gone on and established his own label – Garden Groove. Described as a ‘forward-thinking record label that seeks to discover, nurture and promote the finest South African talent’, the new venture aims to provide a platform for a vibrant cross-pollination of music.

Organizationally, Winnie Deep has positioned the label to mimic how Mother Nature works; prioritizing a culture of nurturing fresh talent and creating a platform for growth. The label has released three projects so far; Juliets Room EP by Winnie Deep, Gotta Move On EP by Deep Sentiments and Beyond The Tone EP by Da Brownie, all of which are strong releases that push South African underground house music to newer heights.

Stream their most recent release, Beyond The Tone EP, by Da Brownie.

Follow Garden Groove on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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