Introducing Jay EM: Port Elizabeth based DJ brothers bringing a fresh new energy to the electronic music scene in Mzansi

Port Elizabeth is a city that is hardly mentioned in conversations about key cultural and creative hubs in South Africa. The windy coastal city boasts a unique culture of music that you cannot find in bigger metropolitan regions like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. In PE, people love dance music and some of South Africa’s best electronic music comes from there and as of late, more and more artists are breaking the mold and bringing fresh sounds and perspectives to the fore.

DJ brothers, more formally known as Jay Em, are a great example of the talent that exists in the windy coastal city. It would be a great injustice if they would be limited and solely reduced to a mere description of ‘disc jockey’, as they are more than that – they are producers with gifted with unique ears of sound. In sync they move, they create music that captivates dance floors wherever they go.

Jay Em captured the attention of South African music legend and industry player, Kid Fonque, which subsequently led to them having a release on Stay True Sounds. The release served as a great introduction for the duo and assisted them in capturing a new type of listener. Jay Em is undoubtedly an act that more music lovers that love progressive music should pay attention to.

Listen to one of their latest tracks below:

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