Introducing LOOKATUPS: A cool new newcomer making waves in the new wave rap scene in South Africa

In 2018, there is no way anyone can deny the powerful force of youth creativity, especially in the urban entertainment space. With little to no barriers of entry into the game, South African kids are taking to the internet in an effort to break into the entertainment space. The internet/connected generation as some may call them is one of the most expressive and outspoken generations to live on earth. You get an inside scoop into their lives as they share their daily happenings on social media.

Community based & user generated content streaming platforms are the eventual playground for these creatives. Misunderstood by many, these kids can definitely be compared to the rebellious punk youth of the 70s, except this time around the soundtrack to their lives is not rock but trap. There is no denying the fact that trap is the most prominent sound in Hip Hop nowadays. South African kids from Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Johannesburg and other small towns have adopted this sound and they have added their own culture, style and attitude to it – creating an authentically African urban sound.

Introducing Tembisile: A young rapper from Cape Town bringing new wave raps to the coastal city.

LOOKATUPS is one of these kids who has taken to the internet to share his creativity online. His music is housed on SoundCloud and his IG serves as a platform where he can visually express himself through mediums such as fashion and photography. The young Cape Town based rapper uses his native tongue, Xhosa, to paint a picture of the inner workings of his young mind. Chaotic, rebellious and adventurous are words that one can use to describe his music. He represents his city well in a time where a lot of Hip Hop fans are looking to the city of gold for the next talent with a new sound to shake up the industry.

Stream ‘Ebusuku’ by the young rapper below:

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