Introducing Malachi: Joburg’s newest talent confidently pushing melody-driven rap

It is always exciting when you come across a musician that gifts you difference when similarity and mediocrity is the order of the day. Malachi, an eighteen-year-old Johannesburg based rapper, brings a fresh new energy to the game – an energy that we desperately need. Like his creative peers, Malachi sees the world differently and to some extent one can even go as far as saying that boundaries do not exist for his generation. The raps are melody-driven, the perspective is global, and the style is relatively new in the South African urban music space.

Raking up thousands of listens on SoundCloud is no small feat, Malachi is putting numbers on the board and no one (especially old heads) can deny the impact the young spitta has. Malachi forms part of the new generation of artists that are independently releasing music that eventually invites the world to South Africa. Armed with nothing but social media and file hosting services like SoundCloud and Audiomack, these kids are defining their destinies and it is a beautiful sight to watch. The cream of the crop, Malachi is definitely a talent you should not sleep on.

Listen to his latest single, Nothing New, below:

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