Introducing P-Man: We chat to talented Amapiano DJ/producer about how he started and the rise of the Amapiano sound

A new sound is taking over in South Africa. Authentically South African in composition, this new genre reflects a particular demographic of black youth in South Africa. Amapiano is what they call this sound and it is slowly taking off in Mzansi with young producers and DJs working tirelessly to spread this new sound.  The sound has its roots in Pretoria, where the pioneers of this new sound and movement reside. Like the Durban-produced sound, Gqom, this new sound is something that the youth of South Africa can own and export to the world. When listening to Amapiano, you are easily reminded of Kwaito as the music is somewhat stylistically similar in nature. Amapiano is a feeling, a mood, a sound but more importantly a movement that is powerful enough to empower the black youth creatively and financially.

We recently caught up with P-Man, a Joburg-based DJ/producer who is pushing Amapiano and taking the sound to newer and greater heights.The Mpumalanga-born creative is a force to be reckoned with in the growing Amapiano scene in South Africa. Peep the interview below.

You’re an up and coming DJ and producer who is slowly breaking into the music scene in Johannesburg. We see the progress and how you’re pushing. Tell us more about yourself?

I am P-MAN (real name Mpumelelo Mtetwa). All the way from Mpumalanga, Standerton. I am a full-time student, doing my final year in IT. I am huge fan of music and what I like is that I am versatile and could listen to almost anything that sounds good. I also run an entertainment company LEKELELA ENT. which offers sound hire and DJ Courses for beginners.

How did your journey in music start?
To be honest, I’ve always had this thing in me of wanting to be a DJ. I  cannnot give an exact date ’cause it has always been my dream. I started collecting music when I was 10 years old. Mainly kwaito and house music. From cassette tapes To CDs, I was there. I remember there was a time where local DJs would come collect music from me and at that time I was just collecting and appreciating good music. When I moved to Joburg in 2014, for my varsity studies I then started to take this dream seriously. In 2015, I joined a DJ Academy called Numark and did a two months course. I couldn’t be a full time DJ then cause I didn’t want my music career to affect my studies. I always kept the main thing the main thing. In 2017, I started building my music career. I started recording mixes.  With the aim to let people know who P-MAN was and what his about. Since then its been an amazing journey.

You push a very specific, authentically South African sound called ‘Amapiano’. Tell us more about the genre and how you have gone on to love it so much.

I got introduced to Amapiano genre 2015. I loved it so much because it was authentic. It was our own sound. As a proud South African, I then decided I was push this sound to greater heights.

The Joburg music scene is difficult to crack but you’re slowly breaking down some industry walls. You’re part of the UJ FM team now. How did the UJ FM move come about?

Since I started recording mixes and publishing them, I got a lot of exposure in Johannesburg. Students then got to know who P-MAN was and what he was about. One of UJ FM’s DJ Smurf Zinto asked for a mix for his show #TheNightCap that happens every Thursday. I thought it was a once off thing ’til he came back to me and wanted more. It was then when I was told that I’ll be the resident DJ for the show. It was exciting and still is.

Many people know you as a DJ, but you’re also a producer. What can people expect from you as a musician?

I recently started producing. I am not rushing anything. I still want to master my sound. From there, people can expect EPs and 100% production mixes. In the future, I aim to be in features and have my very own album.

What are some of your plans for the rest of 2018?

I aim to grow my entertainment company. Be a good producer and working even harder to be the best in the game. I will also be hosting a number of events this year. People can follow me on social media for more updates.

Where can people find you online?

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Audiomack.

Stream P-Man’s guest mix below.

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