Introducing POOCH: Exciting new Cape Town based band pushing a fusion of surf, punk & garage rock

POOCH is an exciting surf-punk, garage-rock trio from Cape Town. They consist of members Cameron Munro firing it up on guitar and lead vocals, Bruce Burnt keeping the bands unique flow steady on bass guitar/backing vocals, and Johnny Savage doing what he does best on drums, rocking out hard. With each member having a lot of experience from previous bands, the three eventually crossed paths towards the end of 2016 and decided to form POOCH, officially starting in January 2017.

The fun loving POOCH boys have been extremely busy perfecting  their debut EP, as well as releasing two singles,  titled  ‘Let You Go’, and ‘Alright’. This is a powerful local band set for big things, which aims to lick you in the ear, sonically of course.

POOCH describes their sound as garage infused surf rock and they absolutely love firing up the crowd when they play live at underground and alternative venues all over Cape Town. Their music is loud and entertaining, just like it should be.

POOCH  has performed in many venues around Cape Town,  some of which include Aces ‘n Spades, Mercury Live,  Roastin  Records Live, and Aandklas in Stellenbosch. POOCH delivers  punchy, catchy hooks with melodic riffs, with only one goal in mind, to deliver an energetic and sweaty performance like no  other you have ever seen before.

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