Introducing Strait Jackal: Progressive funk rock band coming straight out of Benoni

Creativity in the east rand region of Gauteng has been at its height in the last four to five years. With top tier artists emerging from the region, innovating in some of the most of popular music genres in South Africa, it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the creative and cultural impact of the east rand. From rap music to house to rock, the east rand has it all.

The east rand has a rich history of alternative and underground music culture which has pushed Mzansi forward. Some of the most forward-thinking creatives come from the region, and Benoni-based funk rock band, Strait Jackal, is a great example of such creatives. The four-piece band was formed in 2013 by four friends, who share a love of music. Drawn to traditional rock music, the band chose to go into the funkier side of the genre whilst incorporating South African musical flavours. In composition, the music Strait Jackal sounds traditionally and unapologetically rock, with only one exception: an authentic Mzansi bounce accompanied by lyrical content that only South Africans can properly dissect and unpack.

Strait Jackal draws inspiration from pantsula culture allowing them to build a counterculture narrative that genuinely communicates their artistry. An artistry that details the life and times of the band members, youthful rebellion and a different view of a democratic South Africa in 2018.

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