Introducing Xpressed Records: An independent label on a mission of taking Afro House to new heights

Xpressed Records is a independent label founded in 2016 by Soweto-born DJ/producer, Nelo HD (formerly known as Nelo). The label took its first giant leap in 2017 by making its presence felt with the release 16 singles, many of which were songs by the Nelo HD. In 2017, the label found solid ground, a space through which they innovate and break boundaries and built a foundation.

The label primarily focuses on electronic music, with Afro House as one of their core offerings and specialties. The label plays in a niche and alternative space, and which the guidance and expertise of Nelo HD, it is slowly becoming a go-to hub for innovative house records.

image of nelo hd, the founder of xpressed records
Image Supplied. The founder of Xpressed Records, Nelo HD.

Stream the latest episode of Xpressed Records Radio below.

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