iPiano la se Msotra: DJ Jaivane is soundtracking the lives of township youth with his unique Amapiano sound

Mr. Simnandi is what they call him in Gauteng’s amapiano scene, a dangerously talented spinner and purveyor of authentic township culture. Hailing from Soweto, DJ Jaivane, as young as he is, is a pioneer of amapiano music with a name that garners respect when mentioned. A culture shaper of note, he is behind the virality of the amapiano music in many townships in Gauteng.

When dealing with anything authentic and original in the culture and art spaces, you are gifted custodianship and a platform to disrupt, establish a new narrative and break boundaries, and that is exactly what DJ Jaivane does. From Soweto to Gomorra to Tembisa to even eVutha, they know his name after having laid a solid foundation as the go-to guy for breaking amapiano records. As much as his offline presence is strong and healthy, he is also quite an influential force online with over 30 thousand followers on Facebook, just over four thousand followers on Instagram and about three thousand fans on Twitter.

On Youtube, his fans upload his mixes and they receive thousands of plays and that goes to show how much of an expert and connoisseur he is. He soundtracks the lives of township youth with his talent and there is no doubt that he will continue gaining traction, shifting culture and pushing authenticity in Mzansi.

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