Irv Blames Jake Presents The 🌲 63 Audio Illusions Merch

DJ, videographer and photography, Irv Blames Jake, is known for his brilliant smartphone photography where he often shows the rawness, grit and life of the city he inhabits — Johannesburg. He uses different mediums of creativity to give the world a view of he sees the world around and on his online radio show, Tree 63, he attempts to do this using sounds that inspire him. The radio show features music that inspires him and also sees him take advantage of his DJ capabilities to illustrate his visions, and with assistances with some of the local producers and DJs that he loves and respects, he crafts shows that reflect his creativity. The show started in 2018 and now, six months in the new year, he has over ten shows and he shows no signs of stopping.

In his true innovative nature, Irv Blames Jake decided on taking his creative efforts further by making merch as an effort to celebrate Tree 63’s ten show milestone. The collection of T-shirts is designed to be exclusive and is reflective of the process of creating the show, the audio and visual elements which inspired him and the ethos behind Tree 63. For the collection, he designed ten T-shirts that have the cover arts of shows one to ten. He fuses his love for the intangible work that he loves such as music and photography to create a tangible product which represents what Tree 63 is about.

Here are some of images of the shirts.

Tree 63 Audio Illusions
Tree 63 Audio Illusions
Tree 63 Audio Illusions
Tree 63 Audio Illusions

Listen to the latest episode of Tree 63 featuring Limpopo born multi-talented creative, Zito Mowa.

Connect with Irv Blames Jake on SoundCloud to listen to the shows and mixes. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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