Jaedon Daniel Holds His Own In The Game

The 14th of November marked the release of Hold The Game, an eleven-track project by Jaedon Danielan artist that has firmly rooted himself in the music scene in Durban – and to be honest, many music heads that know their South African music are aware of this man’s musical prowess. With a natural knack for crafting great records, it comes as no surprise that many of dopest up-and-coming talent in Durban comes to him for the sauce.

When thinking of Durban talent that he has helped, names such as Red Robyn, ByLwansta and Kyle Deutsch quickly spring up in the conversation – although there are many other artists from his city that he has worked with, he features in the professional ascensions of many of the top tier talents to take South Africa by storm. Over the last few years, he has refined his craft, confidently owned the producer tag and set his own path. On the production side of things; he is not limited by genre or style, he can fit into any space, box or pocket you put him in with his ability to tap into different creative worlds. A master of many styles and sounds, he is great at testing ideas and pushing himself and those around him to prioritize experimentation in artistic expression.

image of Jaedon Daniel
Photography credit: Home Cooked Sessions

With Hold The Game, Jaedon pushed to showcase his ability of creating a full body of work as a recording artist that can hold his own in the game – the unforgiving and often unequal music industry in South Africa. Sonically, the project is versatile and is somewhat of a collection of well put-together sounds which are drawn from Jaedon’s external influences. You get hints of dance, world, ambient, electronic beats and hip hop, making for an extraordinary musical experience with gives you a graceful introduction to Jaedon Daniel – the man and the artist. He clearly put his best foot forward with this body of work and it is still to reach, amaze and captivate people, locally and internationally, due to its structure, creative direction and sonic textures. The project features Bylwansta, Mandla Matsha, Karen Van Pletsen and Bob Perfect, who offers up his voice performing on a song called Agape.

Jaedon Daniel is undoubtedly part of South Africa’s next – a group of young artists that are not bound by music industry conventions, mediocre and palatable standards of creativity. These artists are carving their own path and are introducing the masses to new ideas. Not only is Jaedon a great producer, but he is also great live performer who is often called up by bands and artists he is affiliated with for performances. He is also a fierce solo performer who can captivate any crowd he gets a chance to entertain. In 2019, we have no doubt that Jaedon Daniel is going to continue to impress.

Stream Hold The Game below.

Featured Image Courtesy of Fuego Heat.

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