JimmyWiz Presents According To Jim: An Introspective View Into His Life, Rhymes & Beats

JimmyWiz is an East Rand born and based rapper who is highly respected and regarded in the South African hip hop game. A fierce wordsmith who has gone toe-to-toe with some of country’s top-tier and feared MCs, standing his ground as an artist that can stand his ground but not only that; his catalogue speaks volumes for the South African hip hop game as it consists of quality and authenticity.

Over the years, JimmyWiz has toiled tirelessly in rap culture and business in Mzansi with affiliations with many of the artists who hail from the East and other areas of Johannesburg who we enjoy and celebrate today. Independently, JimmyWiz has built his own machine allowing him to stay true to the hip hop identity he grew knowing when he immersed himself in hip hop culture as a youth. An identity characterized by dope bars, attitude, impeccable storytelling and empowerment through song and message. JimmyWiz stays true to this and it is reflected quite beautifully in his catalogue; a body of work which will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

image of jimmy wiz's according to jim
On his latest release titled Accordin’ To Jim, he zones in on himself and crafts an introspective view of his life; touching on topics such as love, his hustle, family, friendship and social issues like domestic violence. As much as the project is designed to focus on JimmyWiz and his life, it offers up value in the form of lessons delivered through story-driven song which prompts the listener to take a step back and reflect on their own life. The songwriting is beautiful with words threaded immaculately with the use of poetic devices to deliver great narratives, gritty bars and ideas. In 2019, no artist has dropped an openly introspective album with quality production and no skippable tracks. Accordin’ To Jim will stand the test of time and is a project that will grow with you, should you afford yourself the opportunity to immerse yourself in this project.

Stream Accordin’ To Jim below.

The project is available on all the other streaming platforms.

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