Johnny Cradle: A band, a movement & a proudly South African school of thought

Johnny Cradle is a Johannesburg based musical outfit with a unique sound – one that is alternative to what is currently popular and trendy in the South African music space. The band members; Tebogo J Mosane, Lazola Ndamase and Sakumzi Qumana, are all seasoned musicians who have been in the South African underground and alternative music scenes for quite some time. Their break didn’t happen until they got scooped up by Just Music South Africa, an influential record label, through which their released their 2017 self-titled album – Johnny Cradle.

One of the most interesting elements of the making of this band is their unique approach, where they prioritize the inclusion of their black South African identity in their artistry. Language plays an integral part in their music as they use IsiXhosa and English to convey and express their ideas, messages and experiences. Sonically, the band fuses electronica, hip hop, kwaito and acoustic music to curate a truly unique musical experience that cannot be replicated easily. Embedded in their music is their identities which are informed by their township upbringing, their daily lived experiences as young black men and their surroundings. Their music carries a particular cool, swagger and effortless authenticity, something that is rare to find and experience. Sakumzi, the band’s lead singer, has a distinct voice, an instrument he uses to deliver his lyrics with a bravado more common in rap music.


Johnny Cradle is move than a band, it is a feeling, an experience, a movement and most importantly, a new age school of thought that gives you insight into postmodern South African life from a youth perspective.

The band is gearing up to release their second album titled ‘Township Proud & Black’. On the 25th of September, the band will be performing and previewing their forthcoming album at the Orbit in Braamfontein.

Listen/Stream their self-titled debut album below.

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