KaeB pushes South African production to the next level with his new EP

KaeB is one of the few artists in Southern Africa that are pioneering the future beats sound and for someone that has about 7 years of beat production experience, the level and quality at which the beats are created is a clear experience indicator. Kae.B is the other half of XMPL, a duo that forms part of a group of creatives that are ushering in a new genre called Mzansi Mnandi, which is a fusion of Kwaito, Hip Hop, Beats and House.

It is quite clear that KaeB has built up a strong resume by consistently releasing admirable work and he further cemented his importance in South Africa’s music industry by releasing a 3-track EP called My Neighbours Hate ME. The EP is characterized by heavy, fast and modern soundscapes that are sure to get you moving. In totality, the EP is 5 minutes and 41 seconds long, with each song averaging a minute and 40 seconds. The short nature of project should not put you off as this project sets a new standard in the South African production scene.

The tracks are titled using the early hours of the day, which are normally the times where hard-working creatives are up working on their ideas. The significance of the tracks being titled after the early hours of the morning makes sense by noting the title of the EP, which lends to the assertion that the reason why his neighbours hate him is because of the times he’s up making and playing these beats.

Listen to the project below:

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