JaH Monte drops ‘Toyi-Toyi Hotep’ – a song about the struggles of being black in America, colourism & self-love.

Jah Monte has been bubbling under for a while in the North Carolina Hip Hop scene, but 2016 marks a year where he has made quite an effort to be heard. With a few releases this year which have gained a number of listens on Soundcloud.

Jah Monte has released a powerful song called Toyi-Toyi Hotep which touches on how colorism within the black community in America has affected him, being wrongfully arrested when he was a teen and battling with self-love. The song starts off detailing some of the struggles that he has faced and then ends with King Callis shaking off all the things that were holding him down as he begins to assume a position of confidence. The song acts as a teaser to a project that he intends to release in 2017.

Stream the song below:

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